Neighbors along Catawba River clean up after flood damage

Neighbors who live along the Catawba River are cleaning up damage left behind after strong storms caused serious flooding across the area. 

"What we really need is to find a place to live," Michele Beilman said. 

She along with many others who live along Riverside Drive in Charlotte are facing devastating damage from this week's flooding. Their homes back up to the Catawba River. 

"Everything is just covered in sewage water. So it's just disgusting and it stinks.

She and her husband are starting the long cleanup process following the heavy rains earlier in the week. 


"A nightmare. We have lost all of our stuff," Beilman said. "Floors are covered in mud so it's all soaking' wet. You open kitchen drawers water is just pouring out, all of our clothes are soaked. We are hoping to wash them and save some." 

Outside, things are about the same. Their dock and pier were completely removed with their jet ski attached to it. Their shed is now across the way in their neighbor's yard. 

What's even more upsetting for nearly everyone living here is they felt this could have been avoided.

"For how bad it was, they would've had to let us know like two or three days in advance. We would have had to completely move out of our house."

One resident so upset he did not want to appear on camera. 

"Frustrating because I think it could've been so avoided. I come home with over 7 feet of water without no warning whatsoever, from the county, the city, duke power. Nobody. 7 feet of water in my house with no warning," he said.

With the ongoing cleanup process Beilman is optimistic they can recover. 

"We're just really lucky that we are young and able to bounce back from this, but I think we will be tearing this house down and rebuilding with something much taller," she said. 

A GoFundMe page has been set up for those looking to help the people affected.