Neighbors fight to keep 180-foot-tall cell tower out of their front yard

Imagine something the height of six power poles going up right in front of your house.

"When you walk outside, all you're going to see is tower," said Ed Dees Jr.

He and his wife live just feet away from where the 180 foot Verizon cell tower is set to go up on Walnut Street in Clover.

"My wife is disabled and sick. She can't get out and do much. We spend a lot of time on the porch and in the yard. Now, we won't be able to do that without being witness to a giant telecommunication tower," said Dees Jr.

There is an AT&T cell tower on the outskirts of town that’s surrounded by trees. The one set to go up in front of Dees’ house would be in the middle of town, parallel to Main Street and surrounded by homes.

"The way I found out was i drove by and saw someone here with an oil driller drilling a hole here. That's how I found out the cell phone tower was going to be here," said Todd Blanton, member of Clover Town Council.

He lives just a few doors down from the site. Blanton says he's not only concerned for his neighbors, but also the economic development of the town including the old American Thread building.

"How are we going to get someone to invest in that building if there's a 180 foot cell tower out the window of that building," said Blanton.

The Town of Clover says the land is zoned for industrial use, so putting a cell tower there follows town ordinance.

However, the final call will be made next Thursday, January 14th, when the zoning board of appeals hears both sides and makes a ruling.

Councilmember Blanto does not have a say in what the board will do.

The neighborhood will host an information session this Saturday, January 9th, at the Will of God Ministries church from 8 until noon.

They'll also have a bake sale to reimburse the 300 dollars a neighbor had to pay for the zoning appeal.