Neighbors frustrated as Hawthorne Bridge construction continues

Neighbors are getting frustrated with the length construction of Hawthorne Bridge. The project connecting 7th and Central could be delayed another year, according to a community member.

"It's kind of crazy because we were told it was going to open a lot sooner," said David Galloway, who lives nearby.

Ruffin Pearce says his house is the closest the construction area.

"It's extremely disappointing. We've been waiting and waiting," Pearce said.

The Hawthorne Lane bridge has been closed for a year and a half. It was set to open at the end of March, but it was delayed due to alignment issues with the steel girders, according to Charlotte Area Transit System.

"Who's going to lose their job? Whoever oversaw that last time should not be over it this time because it didn't go right. Or a new crew of workers," said Galloway.

A community member and general manager for Hawthorne's Pizza told Fox 46 that CATS members had a meeting at his restaurant Monday. That's when he learned that the bridge could be delayed until August 2020.

"The roads are getting worn down faster, pedestrians are more at risk in the neighborhoods because of all the traffic diverted through the neighborhoods because of the bridge closure," said Galloway.

Outside of Monday’s meeting at Hawthorne's Pizza, neighbors say they haven't received any updates from the city. Leaving them in limbo.

"I feel like I'm the house that's most impacted by this. I haven't heard a word about it unless I call on my own to find out about it," said Pearce.

CATS responded to our story. They told FOX 46 the steel girders will be replaced at no cost to the City of Charlotte. A timeline for completion is still being worked out, according to CATS. 

You can read the full statement from CATS below: