Neighbors getting results for Charlotte families displaced by massive fire

Neighbors are getting results for two families who lost everything in a massive house fire Monday.

"It was terrifying. These folks were losing everything they had," said neighbor Robert Ferrari.

Smoke and flames consumed two homes on Wilburn Park Lane in the Highland Creek community.

Ferrari says he was taking a walk when he saw his neighbors’ homes on fire. He says he called 911 and started knocking on people’s doors, leading one of the two families to safety. The other family was spending the day at Carowinds.

"How they must feel coming home to nothing," said Carrie Swanson, who also lives in the neighborhood.

Highland Creek sprang into action following the fire. Robert started a Facebook fundraiser. More than 300 people have donated more than $11,000 online.

"Pages and pages of folks contributing whatever they can. Truly amazing," said Ferrari. 

While Carrie Swanson, who doesn't personally know the two families, is gathering gift cards. She says more than 20 people have stopped by her house to contribute. One envelope comes from a little boy named Sawyer.

"A friend of ours has a four-year-old and he really wanted to give some of his own money to help so he brought over a little envelop with some money in it,” said Swanson.

People outside the Highland Creek neighborhood are also helping the two families. Leigh Brown with NOMAD Aquatics and Fitness Center is also getting results.

"I know how that feels to lose everything just like that,” said Leigh Brown.

Her dad lost everything in a fire six years ago. She set up a donation box at the front door for anyone who wants to help.

"It's so devastating to lose everything to something like a fire," said Brown.

From money donations on Facebook to gift cards and clothes, the Highland Creek Community and beyond is getting results for the two families on Wilburn Park Lane.

Click here for the Facebook fundraiser organized by Robert Ferrari.

You can also drop off donations at NOMAD Aquatics and Fitness Center at 1102 Harris Road in Huntersville. They’re open from 5:30AM-9:00PM during the week. Click here to find out more.