Neighbors homeless, in need after apartment fire

FOX 46 is working to get results for several residents left homeless by a fire. Flames tore through a building at the Cabarrus Arms apartment complex back on March 25.

Now, nearly two weeks later, residents have been told they need to be moved out by the end of the day and are left with nowhere to go.

"It's been a lot," said Resident Brieuna Jackson. 

Charred remains and ruble have been left behind in one of the units of Jackson's building.

Concerned residents who live across the hall from where the fire took place and upstairs have been left in the dark with nowhere to go.

"I'm in between a car and a hotel when I can afford one and my mom's house," resident Latreece Arnold said. "We have nowhere to go. They want us to be out today.  Where are we supposed to take our stuff?  Where are we supposed to go?  They aren't worried about us."

Not only do they have nowhere to go, they've also been having to pack up and get out without any power.

"The electricity has been off since the night of the fire," said Jackson. "We have been trying to do all our packing in the dark."

"They want us to move this out, but we have no light," said Arnold.  "The smoke is killing me. I was here until three this morning packing in the dark. I was dizzy and sick, but it had to be done."

"My biggest concern is housing," Jackson said. "I mean obviously, we stay where we can receive assistance for a reason."

FOX 46 went by the office to try to find some answers.  They gave our station contact information for PK Management out of Ohio.  We received a statement from them saying this:

However, the ownership group failed to address the fact that several of their residents now have nowhere to go.

"Having small kids with no family close, it's been a struggle," Jackson said.  "To even finish packing everything that we can save and move-- I mean the smell is horrible, it gives you a headache after a few minutes.  We haven't been offered any helpful solutions."

FOX 46 responded to the management group demanding more specific answers.

If you know of anyone who might be able to provide assistance, call the FOX 46 newsroom at 704-944-3300, or email us at