Neighbors in Caldwell County prepare for potential winter weather

People in Lenoir are gearing up for potential winter weather headed to the area this weekend. 

"Right now, I’m doing a backup to the backup. I have a generator, but I’m getting propane so I can go outside and heat water with it,” local Ronnie Jewell said. 

Jewell told FOX 46 he and his wife lost power for two days a couple of weeks ago during an ice storm.
This time around, he's making sure he's prepared.

Same with Albert Musto, a paramedic for Caldwell County.

"I’m out getting ready for the storm. Two weeks ago we got hit pretty hard in the northern end of Caldwell county with ice. We lost power for two days. Trying to find any heating source was almost impossible from Tractor supply to Lowe’s to Walmart,” Musto said. 

He says he's working on Saturday and expects it to be busy.

"Car accidents are the big ones. We see slip and falls, chest pain calls for people out shoveling their driveways and that,” said Musto.