Neighbors in Denver frustrated by erosion issues, builder won't take responsibility

It’s the talk of the neighborhood in the Village of Denver-- everyone seems to be dealing with or noticed erosion problems. 

"Every time I try to walk down it I fall in a hole,” neighbor Linda Gibson said. "It’s growing; it looks like it’s going to take over my yard,” 

These neighbors say they’re living on the edge— literally.

"The hole is six feet deep and I’m worried this whole hill is just going to collapse into my yard,” Diane Busch said.

She has seen erosion from this hill move fast toward her home, especially when it rains.

“I have young children and we don't need a mudslide,” said Busch. She contacted the builder who she says refused to put in tubing to stop it. 

"They said no to fixing it. It’s my problem, but it’s an easement, so I can't fix it. I signed a contract saying I wouldn't do anything to mess with it,” Busch said.

A representative from Lincoln County also took a look.  

"He looked at the hole and he saw the dirt and said that's not supposed to come down our drain.” 

Frustrations echo across the development. For Gibson, instead of dirt falling toward her home, her yard is crumbling closer to a cliff. 

"I don't know if we will have a fence in two years if it goes on like this,” Gibson told FOX 46. "Adding dirt, potting soil-- nothing helped. Now we have like a crater. Even the professionals don't want to bring their equipment back here,” said Gibson.

Over at the Lennar model home, the patio looks like it’s about to fall off a cliff. FOX 46 asked Lennar a timeline and specific plan how they will fix the problem. 

"The builder hasn't suggested anything and says it’s not their problem,” 

They sent FOX 46 the same statement, emphasizing "every case is different," and added "if a customer has a concern, we encourage them to submit a warranty request at"              
We also reached out to Lincoln County Soil Management, but haven’t heard back. Ironically, a neighbor who is having the same problem works for Charlotte city code enforcement and says "someone is not doing their job." We will be speaking with him and continue pressing for answers.