Neighbors in mountains, foothills prepare for possible ice storm

With the possibility of winter weather, neighbors in the mountains and foothills are getting ready, preparing for any dangerous conditions. 

"I’d thought I’d come to Ace Hardware to buy me a kerosene heater just in case because where I live, the power goes out so I’m just getting prepared for that,” Morganton resident Loretta Jackson told FOX 46. 

Across Burke County, people like Jackson are bracing themselves for what could be an ice storm.

"That's probably one of the worst kind of storm we have around here quite frankly,” said Ace Hardware store owner Bill Brastetter.

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The Ace Hardware on Highway 70 has been a busy place this Wednesday. 

"Snow you can drive in. The ice-- when it gets on the roads-- that's dangerous. That's worse than snow by far," Brastetter said. 

Meteorologists report that there will be chance of ice on roads and sidewalks— and it’ll be nothing to mess around with.

"We usually lose power for two to three days, then we don't have a heat source other than a kerosene heater. My old one broke down, so I came to buy me a new one,” Jackson said.

NCDOT says it's trucks are at the ready to treat the roads.

“All of our trucks all of our people have been through training already for this. This will be our first event for this year and so we're ready for this we have the equipment and we've got the materials," said Kevin Whittington with NCDOT.