Neighbors rally together to help find cancer patient's lost dog

A neighborhood-wide search is on for a dog that means so much to a Charlotte man battling an aggressive form of leukemia.

When you see Ethan Dailide, not too far away you'll find his dog, Jonesie. Ethan adopted the pitbull mix as a puppy and he's been with him through the good and bad times. 

Unfortunately, Jonesie, took off as Dailide was moving from his University area apartment.

"Ethan's very sick. He has been in the hospital since November 22. He has leukemia. He's getting chemo treatments. He has very limited family from here. His family is from up north somewhere," said Jill Nichols, the search organizer. 

Nichols didn't know Dailide before last month but she met him through Facebook after he posted about his dog running away as his friends moved him out of his apartment. 

"His biggest wish right now is when he does get to come home finally, he's saying he hopes right now that when he comes home, he's going to come home to his dog," she said. 

Dailide couldn't speak with FOX 46 Wednesday night because he's in the hospital with ulcers from the chemotherapy.

"He's also gotten a lung infection recently and he's been on and off. I think with all he's had to deal with if that dog was there when he got home, I think it would just be the greatest gift for him," Nichols said. 

Jonesie was last seen in the UNC Charlotte area. If you’ve seen him or have any idea where he could be, just call 704-615-1662. You could receive a $500 reward.