Neighbors save a dog left for dead, now she's in need of a forever home

A community rallied together to rescue a pup named Puma.  Puma's journey isn't over yet-- you can help by giving her a forever home.

Looking at Puma now, you'd never know she was just days away from death nearly one month ago.
"From what I understand, she had days until she was going to die," said Kris Kjeldsen, who helped rescue Puma.

Puma is a Christmas miracle of sorts.

"She actually got released from the vet after almost dying on Christmas day," said Teresa Eller, who also helped save Puma.  "So she really is a Christmas miracle-- even though the miracle started on December 7th,"

It was then that a few community members took it upon themselves to rescue the dog after seeing several posts about her being injured and abandoned on the next door app.

"From the picture there, I could tell the leg needed to come off immediately," Eller said.

"She was sitting by the fence and she was curled up in a ball in a lot of pain," added Kjeldsen.

The group worked together to get Puma to animal control, but there wasn't much they could do for her.

"Unfortunately, they were going to put her down," Kjeldsen said.

Her injuries were so severe.  There's no certainty on how she sustained them-- but neighbors believe she was possibly hit by a car and left for dead.

"Her leg was damaged to the point she had to have it amputated," said Kjeldsen.  "You could see the bones and the tendons.  She was in a lot of pain and apparently she was close to being septic, She had a high fever-- so she was in pretty bad shape."

Neighbors decided they weren't going to let Puma die and took her to Denver Animal Emergency.

"They told us right away this leg is going to have to go," said AJ Starling, who has been taking care of Puma.

A go fund me page was set up and the donations came pouring in.

"It took a life of its own," Starling said.  "We raised $2,000 in the first two days-- which was huge.  I'd never seen anything like it."

Now, the three legged love bug is doing just fine.

"She's doing really well," said Kjeldsen.  "She's a big lover."

"She deserves a good home," added Starling.  "She's a good dog."

"It's amazing," said Kjeldsen.  "She's a happy, loving dog-- she runs and plays and interacts well with other dogs."

"None of us can keep her because we all have dogs," said Starling.  "Getting her a home she will have years of fun in will mean the world."

If you're interested in adopting Puma, contact her Facebook Page here: