Neighbors shaken by deadly apartment complex shooting in Huntersville

People who live in The Landings at Northcross complex in Huntersville would say it’s normally pretty quiet.
“I have no problems,” said neighbor, John Black. “I don't ever hear my neighbors or anything. Everything seems to be pretty nice up until last night.”
Monday night, a parking lot at The Landings was filled with Huntersville police cruisers after police received a report of shots fired. One man died and another man went to the hospital.

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“They had the area taped off,” said Emery Clark, “and so I stopped and asked the police officer what was going on and she said someone got shot and killed and that's pretty scary.”
Police took a third person into custody, but it’s not clear if that person is a suspect or victim.
What police have said, is they’re not looking for anyone.
Tuesday night, they were still trying to work out the details on what happened.
“Firearms are extremely dangerous and, depending on what type of weapon the person had, it could have easily been stray shots going into other buildings, other apartments,” Clark said.
In the meantime, neighbors have started speculating.
“Called my neighbors and was surprised,” said Black. “Somebody told me apparently there was a drug problem here, so they weren't surprised, but that surprised me.”
Police aren’t releasing the names of the victims just yet, but did say they expect to have an update Wednesday morning.