Neighbors shaken by deadly shooting in north Charlotte

Neighbors in north Charlotte waking up to the grim news of another murder in the city, this one coming just hours before Christmas. 

"It’s pretty crazy the homicide rate is going up. Times are getting harder and harder and its crazy that someone tried to rob the store last night. It goes to show we're on hard times,” 

A sidewalk on North Tryon Street is now clear, but Christmas Eve it was roped off as police investigated a deadly shooting. 

Authorities say a man was shot by a contracted employee at a nearby store. Witnesses say it started as a robbery at the 7-Eleven and ended with a man being shot multiple times. 


"It goes to show you never know when someone is going through something and you never know where someone is mentally and it just blows my mind it happened on Christmas Eve,” neighbor Mitchell Bryon said. 

The shooting happened just before 9 p.m. an area residents say is known for high crime. 

"It doesn’t amaze me or shock me. Things go on in the area all the time,” 

When asked Dwight says he doesn't know what it would take to turn the area around.  

"It’s hard to say we have people with mental issues and the shelter is down the street so it’s hard for me to say," said Dwight Tuttle. 

For now, Mitchell says he hopes no other family has to endure a loss this holiday season. 

“I just wish everybody would be safe out there. Mind your p's and q's and just keep eyes out you know," said Bryon.