Neighbors trying to stop speeders in south Charlotte community after crash

A south Charlotte community is working to get results and stop speeders in their neighborhood.

Video caught by a home surveillance camera shows a red car plowing into a parked truck before flipping over. The impact so intense, it knocked part of the parked truck into a nearby yard.

Seven Taylor is the owner of the truck. He says he was at work when he found out about the crash. He says speeding is and has been a problem in this area and it's made even worse because there's a lot of families here 

“People are out walking with their kids and their dog and they are just zooming thru the stop sign and just zooming up the street because it's a quiet street.” 

Taylor, along with others in the neighborhood, hope this latest accident will re-spark the conversation about speed bumps. 

“They have them on Wilmore and in Dilworth, so I don’t know what the problem is where they can’t put them on Park Avenue. It's one of the main streets in Charlotte.”  

Until that happens, his warning to drivers up and down this street is to be alert

“We don’t need you speeding on our streets, running into our cars that are parked on the street and it can happen that fast just because of that.”