Neighbors work to get results for owner of non-profit damaged by storm

A community is rallying around a Lancaster woman whose non-profit restaurant was badly damaged by last week’s storms. 

“I don’t think this community-- the children in this community-- can function without her,” Suzanne Kealey said, 

Kealey is fearful that Jackie Brown can't continue to serve and help those in Lancaster.  

“I said to her ‘Jackie did a tornado come down this road and just hit your building,’ and she said ‘yeah I think so.’” 

For more than three decades Jackie has run the nonprofit charity Jackie’s Place for people in need. Friday’s storms nearly tore down one of the storage buildings where clothes and furniture are housed. 

Suzanne's friendship with Jackie only goes back a year, but she knows the impact Jackie’s Place has had in the community. 

“She feeds so many children and helps so many families that I would hate to see what would happen to any of them if she was not here.”

That's why she has taken it upon herself to set up a fund for Jackie so people can make donations. She says it's the least she can do for a woman that will sacrifice her own health to make sure others needs are met.

“So she cannot take money out of her prescription money that she needs to take care of herself. She should be going to the doctors more often. She is 82-year-old and she is not. She is taking that money to feed the kids and she shouldn’t be doing that

For someone like Jackie who isn't fond of asking for help, she's says she's going to keep doing her part serving the community, no matter what it takes.

“I realized that I can only do so much, and if I do my best every day, I feel like I can get back to what it was,” Jackie said. 

Kealey says she hopes to have the fund up and running by the end of the week.