Neighbors worried about Statesville Ave. intersection long before bus crash

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A bus barreled through a townhomeThursday morning. It’s not something you see every day, but neighbors along Statesville Ave. in the Brightwalk neighborhood of Charlotte say they aren’t surprised.

“They come through here at 70 miles per hour,” said neighbor, Jacob Blake.

The speed limit along that stretch of road is 35 MPH. Blake told FOX 46 Charlotte he’s gone to city leaders several times begging for a traffic light, stop sign or anything to slow drivers down.

Blake says he’s now wondering if skid marks and a destroyed townhome will be enough to bring change.

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“What if those children would have died in there? What if the bus driver died? No loss of life. So It’s going to take a loss of life to get a light right here,” said Blake.

FOX 46 checked in with NCDOT leaders who said they haven’t received any requests for a traffic study for that section of Statesville Ave. 

NCDOT did confirm they did a traffic study back in 2016 and found a traffic signal at the intersection with Newland and Norris Ave. was not needed.

Neighbors argue that study was done three years ago, long before many townhomes were built in the area.

“If you have this many people living in a residential area, street safety should be important,” said  Blake.

Luckily during Thursday’s crash no one was seriously hurt, but the HOA is now fielding questions from people who live there about what can be done in the future.

“Are their options for traffic lights? Could we build a wall? Those are all things we are going to have to work with the various parties with,” said Ben Rhodes, the general manager with CAMS.

The damaged townhome has been declared unsafe and officials say the two people who lived there are staying elsewhere until the damage is repaired.