New body cam video from officer that shot and killed Danquirs Franklin released

CMPD has released the full body cam video from the officer that shot and killed Danquirs Franklin last month, after a judge ruled in favor of the release on Tuesday.

The extended video release comes after questions were brought up by the Charlotte mayor and city council as to why they viewed a longer version than what was released to the public one week ago.

In the two-minute video that was previously released, you see the moment Officer Wende Kerl pulled the trigger, killing Franklin in the parking lot of a north Charlotte Burger King. Now, after a judge ordered the full 11 minutes to be released, you hear what she said after the shooting.

Moments after she fires the fatal shots, Kerl walks up to Franklin and removes the gun from underneath him. She then asks other responding officer if his body camera is on. He says it’s not.

“He pulled a gun,” Kerl said. 

“Yes he did, I know he did,” the other officer says. 

She asks the other officer if his body camera is on. 

"Dont not turn off. Are you on?" asked Kerl. 

"I wasn't," said the other officer. 

"Okay, sorry, I've been on the whole time," said Kerl. 

As other officers begin to arrive on scene and secure the area, Kerl continues to explain her actions.

"All I know is I shot because he had a gun in his hand," she said. Later on, she says she didn't have a choice. 

What we don't see in the video is an officer touch Franklin. It took firefighters four minutes after shots were fired to get to the scene and start first aid. 

“What can not be more disheartening is it appears that but for training we could have rendered more aid," said CMPD Chief Kerr Putney. 

Now the chief says he wants to change protocol and stage medic around the corner when officers respond to an armed suspect, so medical attention comes faster. 

“We gotta be better than that. We know we have to be better than that.”

The District Attorney's office tells FOX 46 they have now received the case. CMPD says the DA will decide if criminal charges will be filed.

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WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Viewer discretion is advised