New developments made in plan to move Panthers headquarters to SC

A major decision was made Tuesday night that will lay the groundwork for the Panthers to expand in Rock Hill.

The City of Rock Hill’s planning commission took a look at two measures related to Panthers. Both passed, and that could get construction underway in a matter of months

It's one of the first official steps in reshaping Rock Hill and getting the new panthers headquarters off the ground.

City leaders got a look at the plans and also what will become of a property off Eden Terrace that will be turned into a sports powerhouse.

"I'm glad to see that the panthers are now considering it a two-state team," said Brenda Carpender, who attended the meeting. 

Besides the city's planning board and Panthers officials, others came to the meeting to get their questions answered on everything from right of ways, to what exactly it will all look like.

"Rock Hill has been a little behind the times, and now it's time to catch up," Carpenter said.

Ever since the deal was announced earlier this year with the Panthers, there's been anticipation on what would be brought to the 200 or so acres the panthers want.

Headquarters?  Yes. Practice field? Yes. However, there's also talk of other shops and further development, possibly decades down the road, on the property.

In the end, there was no opposition from the planning commission and none from the public.

"It's metaphorically moving the chains, so we're much closer to breaking ground getting this project up for August 2022," said the Carolina Panthers' Mark Hart. 

The public want's to see a resolution to the issued and the public says they're ready for change.

The planning commission also laid the groundwork for a possible casino to go on the property, but they say that would only happen when and if it is approved by state law.