New emergency alert app could help save lives in Mecklenburg County

A new app could save your life by the pool or the lake this summer. Two hospitals and Mecklenburg County are getting results to help save lives through new technology.
Since It’s pool season, moms and dads may want to relax, but they can’t.
“I still worry because when they’re horsing around in the pool, the first thing I look at is the other kids because my kids--they’re young, so they just want to play,” said Sarah Latimer, a mom of young children.
Latimer says she sees parents at the pool not paying attention to their children.
“They might be sipping a little wine, having conversation, maybe on their phones, distracted on their phones, so a lot of times, that’s when you can get into a situation where your children are not in a safe situation.”
The eleven days between May 20-31 are especially dangerous in Mecklenburg County. Since 2016, emergency crews have responded to nine drowning calls during that time period around Memorial Day.

“If somebody’s in critical need, the more people that come, the better outcome for our patients,” said Lester Oliva with MEDIC.
Atrium Health, Novant Health and Mecklenburg County are getting results making a new life-saving app free for anyone to download. It’s called Pulse Point.
If you have the app, you’ll get an alert if there’s a cardiac arrest within a quarter mile of where you are.
“It can save lives. It can relieve stress and pressure on somebody who is having the worst day of their life,” said Oliva.
You don’t even have to know CPR to use the Pulse Point app. You can help get results by doing things like flagging down paramedics or even getting an AED.
And the 911 call center will walk you through with step-by-step instructions on how to help someone during a medical emergency.
“They’re trained to teach you in less than 30 seconds on how you can help this person,” said Oliva.
Sarah feels more prepared for pool season, but she won’t be letting her guard down, knowing she has to watch her children.
“If you don’t have the supervision, you may end up getting into a sticky situation.”