New K9 officer joins Greenville County Sheriff's Office

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There's a new furry face at the Greeneville County Sheriff's Department, and he's ready to protect and serve. 

The Sheriff's Office announced on Monday that they had a new recruit, all the way from the Czech Republic. 'Rick' is a 6-year-old Belgian Malinois. They say he's trained to 

"I’m a highly trained, fine tuned, professional crime fighting machine," a Facebook post reads. "My hobbies include, locating drugs, finding bad guys and sniffing out lost body cameras (when the rookies drop them)." 

Rick loves going on his daily run with his dad, but also likes to relax at home when he has the time. He's devoted to serving the neighbors of Greenville County, and is always ready to go. We're excited to see what Rick can do! 

FOX 46 reported on this story from Charlotte, N.C.