New ‘last minute’ app is a procrastinator’s best friend

A couple in Rock Hill has created the perfect app for procrastinators. It’s called 'Whoocan', and it can help with all of your last minute needs.

Kelley garmon / founder/ceo, whoocan200205-"He was moaning and complaining about wanting to have a massage because his neck was bothering him and I was thinking...'who is going to fit him in,'" said Kelley Garmon, the founder and CEO of the app. 

That idea just stayed there and it has turned into the app.

"Wouldn't it be cool if there were something that could find last-minute cancellations to put people who needed a last-minute appointment right into the space," Garmon said. 

"I've had five people in the past two days want appointments.  And I've had four cancellations this week due to Christmas obligations or illness," said Sara Morganti, one of the vendors on the app. 

Morganti is an independently contracted massage therapist and the app may be in its infancy, but she is using it to get that last-minute business.

"It saves me from running out of my room, going to text six people, go run back in my room and hope for the best," said Morganti. 

Garmon showed us how it works. People needing an appointment within 24 to 48 hours can go on the app--it's free--and see what's available. The app makes 20 percent off every last-minute appointment.

"You can find the appointment, pay for the appointment, you can tip and rate on the app, everything is right there," Garmon said. 

Garmon has a Master's in education, so this has been a learning experience for her but the interest is growing.

"We already have listings in Chicago, Texas, a lot of west coasters for sure," said Garmon. 

The app is set to have its 'hard launch' soon. They're working out any final kinks, but it is available now.