New legislation could allow for changes to I-77 toll lane project

New legislation could give Governor Roy Cooper the power to back out of or change the I-77 Toll Lane project contract.

Senator Natasha Marcus, representative Christy Clark and representative Chaz Beasley will hold a news conference at 10 a.m. Monday morning near exit 28 explaining the legislation they are working on.

"The taxpayers are on the hook," I-77 driver Rob Lynch said. "The people that don't make as much are paying taxes to help people that make more money have a more convenient way to get to Charlotte."

The toll lane project is using both private and public dollars.

The legislation would "remove roadblocks to relief from the I-77 toll mess," according to a flyer for the press conference.

FOX 46 has followed the ongoing toll road controversy for years. Many people want the toll lane project stopped, however right now it is still scheduled to open later this year.

"I mean, it gives me a slight bit of hope," I-77 driver Marnie Donoghue said. "But I don't think that anything is going to come of that. I think we're going to be paying to use the toll lanes. I think that's just the reality of it but I love that people are trying."

FOX 46 will be there as we work to learn more in yet another phase of the toll lane controversy.