New Mount Holly playground spray painted with racial slurs, profanity

Mount Holly neighbors were furious after vulgar words were found spray painted all over a local playground that just opened this week.

The worst of it, we had to blur out. The area for children was covered with words that simply can't be shown. It happened in the Kendrick Farms community 

”Some racial slurs, the f-word, some swing sets completely painted in blue,” one neighbor told FOX 46. 

She didn’t want to be identified, but noticed the mess Wednesday morning.
“I can't believe in a community as nice as ours, that someone would do that. It's a disgrace,” she said. 

And it wasn't on the playground equipment, but also the ground beside it that was vandalized. The playground itself only opened for use this week, and for people in the neighborhood who have been waiting for a place their kids could play, this is a big letdown

“We have just about every nationality in the community,” said Tony Kennedy, who lives nearby. “The children in the neighborhood have been waiting or that playground since 2010.” 

FOX 46 has learned that's not the only tagging incident that happened in that community. One neighbor found spray paint on his car just down the road from the playground.

“If they're young, they need to juvenile court, they need community service, plus clean it up [themselves] with supervision,” Kennedy said. 

But for those who don't want their kids exposed to it, they're mad.

“Whoever did it is just sick. Sick.” 

There's no word yet whether any arrest has been made, and FOX 46 is waiting to get more information from police on the case.