New music venue coming to Charlotte church near NoDa

A secular concert venue is coming to a Christian church in Charlotte.

Mission Gathering Charlotte is leasing to own the old Bethel Worship Center off 15th and Caldwell Street. On Sundays the inside will be a church but during most evenings it will be a full-scale concert venue -- including all types of music.

"When it comes to us, this is not a ploy to get people into church doors this is about a need in the community," Creative Director Garrett Glaus said.

The church said it understands the importance of music in the community and since it believes all types of people are welcome at the church, all types of music should be able to be performed as well.

Mission Gathering already has a similar concept in San Diego, California.

The church will have its first service on Sunday, Oct. 25. The concerts will begin in early 2016.