New ordinance requires liability insurance for "dangerous" dogs in Gaston County

Pet owners in Gaston County whose dogs are deemed as dangerous will now have to buy pricy liability insurance policy.

Gaston County commissioners made a quick decision on an ordinance at a Tuesday night meeting that would require any pet owner with an animal involved in an incident of aggression or biting to have a $100,000 worth of liability insurance out.
The county’s designation of a dangerous dog isn't breed specific, and the ordinance was approved unanimously by the board. 

Commissioner Tom Keigher who sponsored the resolution says this all started after a Gardner Park man was attacked back in October. 

George Stauch was walking his dog Buster when he was attacked by two Akitias that belonged to his neighbor. He and neighbors advocated for this new resolution, which they call "Buster's Law." 

The resolution will also require owners of "dangerous dogs" to pay for their impoundment by animal care and enforcement.

If the owners don't pay the impoundment fees or make mandated changes to how they take care of their dogs within 30 days, the county could take the dogs away.

Over in South Carolina, there is a bill that is breed-specific. 

The proposal states pit bull owners would have to pay a $500 fine if their pets aren't spayed or neutered and registered. It’s not clear where that bill stands at this time.