New Rules at Lowell Movie Theatre cause upset

New rules at a movie theater in Lowell are upsetting some teens and their parents. Teens under 17 aren’t allowed in without a parent after 4:00 during the weekend but there’s a catch.

 “I saw some cops and then the manager she was out here yelling for them to like back off and not come inside the movie theater,” said Robert Gilmore. He was at the Regal Franklin Square Stadium 14 when the police were called on 20 to 30 teenagers who were gathered in the theater parking lot, last Saturday.

The theater manager wouldn’t confirm for FOX46 Charlotte whether that incident prompted a new rule that says, teens under 17 must have a parent with them to enter the theater from 4:00 to close on Friday through Sunday.

Two teens went to the movies together Saturday afternoon. There movie started at 2:15pm but they weren’t allowed in without a parent because the movie ended just after 4:00pm.

“It constricts some of the freedom we have because on a Friday you’re finally out of school you can go watch a movie at night with your friends and go hang out afterwards. Now, you can’t do that without a parent and that just puts kind of a damper on the mood,” said 13-year old Taylor Harper.

Taylor and her friend went to the movies to see a 2:15pm showing of Leggo Batman a PG-13 rated movie.

 “My mom came up, bought the ticket with me and waited out here while I went inside to turn it in and they told me I couldn’t actually watch the movie without her actually watching it with me,” said Taylor.

 Taylor’s mom couldn’t stay so her friend’s mom met them at the theater and was not happy. “Seriously, if you’re going to implement that then say for shows that start after 4:00 that’s fine, I understand that. But, we’re letting out right at four, that’s just crazy,” said Michelle Baker.  

Baker said the cost of paying nearly ten dollars for a matinee ticket added to the frustration. “I wouldn’t come here after paying the price before but, I was willing to let my daughter be here because it was close if something happened, she was here by herself, I could be right here. But, no we won’t be back.”

Taylor feels the time should be pushed back to allow more time during the day to watch a movie. She believes everyone is not able to have a parent escort them to the movie theater.

“Don’t punish my kids because somebody else, somebody else’s kids were acting out. Punish the kids that were acting out, said Baker.

The teens FOX46 spoke with said they won’t stop going to the movie theater but as long as the rule stays in effect at the Regal Franklin Square Stadium 14, they’ll be going somewhere else.