New schools, renovations coming to CMS after voters pass bond

Major renovations and new schools will be coming to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools thanks to a $922 million bond referendum passed by voters Tuesday night.

The bond’s passage will help relieve overcrowding at Steele Creek Elementary where in Ms. Davis 5th grade class, it’s so full that some of the students are working outside the room on the floor in the hallway.

And in another classroom at the school, lofts which were once used for a classroom area, in a school that was built in 1968, are now unsafe, making them just wasted space.

“Even if we have technology and other items that are desperately needed in the classroom, it makes our classroom space very tight,” said principal Merita Little.

Little says the school is easily more than 100 students over capacity right now.

“We have to be able to accommodate all the families that are moving into this area,” Little said.       

CMS says the bond’s passage will help build 17 new schools and renovate and make additions to 12 others.

The Steele Creek area is set to get a new elementary school, and there will be a new elementary and a new high school that will relieve overcrowding in the Ballantyne area.

“They seem to be managing well, but still there is an overcrowded situation for sure,” said parent Ana Dudley.

Dudley’s daughter goes to Ardrey Kell High School. Dudley is glad something’s being done about overcrowding, but worried it may not happen fast enough.

Construction on the new high school in her area isn’t set to start until about 3.5 more years.

“That’s a concern. I wish they would do this a little bit quicker, because the community’s growing,” Dudley said.

The student reassignment plan will go into effect before some of the new CMS schools are built, so that will help give some immediate relief to overcrowding.

The Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners put the bond on the ballot. And according to CMS, the commissioners said it would not require raising taxes.

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