New video released to try and identify suspected gun thieves in Cabarrus County

The Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office has released new surveillance video to try and identify some suspected gun thieves rifling through a car in the Canterfield neighborhood early Sunday morning off Pharr Mill Road in Harrisburg. 

Canterfield is one of five neighborhoods, which also include Covington and Carolando in Concord, Tucker Chase in Midland and one on Mount Pleasant Road in Cabarrus County, where cars were broken into over the weekend, and police say in some cases, the doors were unlocked, and rifles, shotguns, and pistols were stolen.

There were a total of 10 break-ins in Concord, Midland and Harrisburg. The Sheriff’s Office and the City of Concord Police are working to determine if the break-ins are all connected.
Josh Jenkins was shocked to see video from his doorbell camera. He says it shows people jiggling his door handle to try and get in his pick-up truck Saturday night, but his door was locked, so the suspects moved on.
Jenkins is concerned after he learned that stolen guns are now on the streets.

“That’s scary because I got kids, and I do the swim team here, and I know a lot of kids out there, so it scares me,” Jenkins said.

Nothing was stolen from Kristi Schultz’s car, but her husband had three guns taken from his vehicle in the Canterfield neighborhood. The whole ordeal has shaken Kristi, a mom, who until now, has felt safe in her community.

“You almost feel like you were targeted, but I think after seeing video from the street, and they went through like everybody’s cars or tried to get into everybody’s cars,” Schultz said.