No Christmas banners in Cornelius this year

The Town of Cornelius is missing some holiday decorations and it's not because the Grinch stole them days before Christmas. The festive holiday banners are still packed away in storage.

"They have a shelf life and we've had them for about 8 years so they're on their last legs," said Tyler Beardsley, the Assistant Town Manager for Cornelius.

He says the holiday ones are too old and tattered to put up.

"Our Christmas ones were in pretty rough shape from last year."

So why not get new ones?

"We just didn't have budget for them is basically all."

Not enough money to pay for 100 new banners that cost around $100 each, according to the assistant town manager.

We asked a couple of folks in downtown Cornelius what they thought about that.

"I think there was somewhere they could have found that little bit of money," said Lyndia Swinford, who is in town visiting family. 

"It's just decorations and I don't notice them that much," said Sahil Patal, who was visiting downtown Cornelius with his dad.

Beardsley says he plans to ask for all new seasonal banners next year, including Christmas.

"We would have to budget for it like any other thing. It would be about $60,000 dollars. It's not a small number. Just like anything else like a police car or anything like that."