No Egos, No Logos, Just Prayer. Hundreds Gather for "The Response" Day of Prayer in Uptown Charlotte

A state-wide call to prayer and fasting brought hundreds of believers to the Charlotte convention center Saturday. Governor Pat McCrory led part of the prayer and reflection, asking worshipers to step outside the four walls of their church and help the community.

"Just looking on the TV, we see the condition of the United states and the condition of the world," said Veronica Evans who drove to the event from Raleigh.

"Governor Nikki Hailey called for a day of prayer and fasting in South Carolina. None of us knew that day that four days later, a man would walk into a church basement and kill innocent people who had gathered for a prayer meeting and gospel study," said Dr. Mark Harris, head pastor at Charlotte’s First Baptist Church.

Calling on God's mercy and intervention is what this day of prayer called "The Response" is all about.

"This isn't about us, this is about God,” said Governor Pat McCrory.

The Governor also called on the hundreds of worshippers at the Charlotte convention center to not just pray, but also act.

"You've got to get out of your church and go to the emergency rooms and veteran centers," said McCrory.

Everyone raised their hands up high and bowed their heads in prayer no matter where they came from or what church they belong to.

"No one who goes up to pray introduces themselves. This is not about logos or egos. You don't see any tables of people selling stuff," said Harris.

"It's not being separated on a particular church on a Sunday morning. It's about coming together for a common cause, lifting up the one who has the answer to all of the world's problems," said Evans.

Breaking down the walls to raise up one voice, one prayer.