No solution in sight for Statesville man battling backyard sinkhole

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A Statesville man is having to deal with a sinkhole that just keeps getting bigger that he said started off his property.

FOX 46 originally reported on the sinkhole at the home on Coddington Lane back in December.  The hole reportedly showed up after severe storms that hit the area in 2018, and has encroached on property between two homes in a relatively new subdivision there. 

When we went by Sunday, the hole was nearly twice as big and coming within feet of a Cody Hubbard's home. 

Hubbard said the sinkhole initially started due to improper draining just off his property, but now he's the one stuck in the middle.

LINK: Statesville neighbors battle massive sinkhole

"This has multiple parties signed off on the building plans," he said. "That has resulted in the major erosion problem."

There is now tape blocking off part of Hubbard's yard, and he says no one wants to take responsibility for it as the ground continues to crumble away. Hubbard said  every attempt he has made to get something done has met with dead ends.

"It's cause a lot of lost sleep. It's caused my wife to go to the hospital over anxiety attacks," Hubbard said.

At this point, Hubbard said he just wants the problem fixed.