'No Swimming Advisory' canceled after sewage spill in Lincoln County

(file photo)

UPDATE: 10/26/17 1 p.m. - The Lincoln County Health Department approved the Lincoln County Public Works cancelling a 'No Swimming Advisory' on Thursday for all residentsa in the area of Blue Dory Lane in Denver. 

The advisory was issued due to a waste water spill of about 100 gallons. The unstreated wastewater spilled into Lake Norman in the Catawba River basin. 

Lincoln County Public Works said they've collected water samples for testing daily from three sites at the affected area. Two consecutive samples showed test results below the required maximum levels at all three sites, and all sampling now meets the North Carolina Division of Water Quality standards.


All boaters, fisherman and swimmers are being asked to avoid contact with the water in a cove located in Denver that flows into Lake Norman following a sewage spill, officials said. 

Officials said on Tuesday, Oct. 24 a wastewater spill occurred along Blue Dory Lane in Denver due to a power failure at a sewage pump station resulting in a pump failure and adjacent manhole overflow. 

The estimated number of gallons spilled was 100 gallons. 

Officials said the untreated sewage flowed into a cove in Denver, which runs into Lake Norman in the Catawba River basin. The flow has been stopped and testing of the discharge site has commenced. 

As a preventative measure, the Lincoln County health director is advising all residents and boaters that this area may be contaminated with fecal coliform. Residents and lake users are advised not to swim or otherwise have bodily contact in this area. 

'No Swimming Advisory' signs have been posted. 

For more information please contact Lincoln County Public Works at (704) 483-7082.