NoDa neighbors, business owners worried by recent break ins

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Neighbors in NoDa believe the teens caught on camera breaking into a local ice cream shop could be the same crooks breaking into to several local businesses. 

In the surveillance video from the store, you can see the thieves punch their hand through the glass and unlock the door at Popbar. Those who live and work in the area say Popbar is just the latest shop targeted. 

“It’s messed up. They have been breaking stuff in here for like two and a half months,” said neighbor Andy McCallister.

The ice cream store owner was too distraught to show her face on camera after the teenagers smashed their way into the store, helping themselves to the cash register with more than $200 inside. 

LINK: Owner: Teens break into Popbar ice cream shop, steal cash from register

“I know there have been a lot of break ins in NoDa,” the owner, Kia Lyons said. “Just a lot of anxiety.” 

Tuesday night her shop was closed, and the door to the business was boarded up. Since summer is peak ice cream time, the owner says the robbers hurt her business more than they took. 

“We are a family business so it affects us. As a gelato shop, we are open year round but we slowdown in the winter time,” said Lyons. 

Some say ongoing construction isn't helping keep criminals away.

“If they are willing to work that hard they should do something productive with their life,” said Any McAllister who lives in NoDa.

Now, Lyons is just hoping the young men come forward, or at the very least, change their ways. 

“They are young and you think about their future,” said Lyons. “When they break into several businesses they don’t care about their own future.”

The ice cream shop will stay closed for the next few days. If you recognize the teens in the security video or have any information on recent break-ins, police urge you to call CrimeStoppers at 704-334-1600.