Non-profit founder thankful after crippling storm damage

Storms crumbled a building for a Lancaster County non-profit on Friday afternoon.

The non-profit, Jackie's Place, which operates off East Brooklyn Avenue, felt the wrath of Mother Nature. It's roof, awning and other parts of the building were torn apart during the weather event.

"I said, 'It looked like the top of that building [is] coming down," owner Jackie Brown said.

Brown said the non-profit works to provide food, furniture and clothing for people in need. Brown said she's been operating for more than 30 years. 

Brown said her grandson was inside the building, putting together clothes for someone, when parts of it collapsed. Thankfully, she said he escaped without any injuries.

"He came in running, he said, 'Grandma, the building just fell in up there," she said.


Storms caused quite a bit of damage across Lancaster County. FOX 46 observed down trees at the Lancaster Golf Club as well as plenty of roads and homes.

"It was just a mess," resident Chelsea Gant said. "It was just a big mess."

Depite the damage at Jackie's Place, Brown said she plans to rebuild. She said, helping others, is what she has been called to do.

"But I don't intend to stop until the Lord calls me home, so I'm doing my best."