North Carolina inmates who suffered prison violence win payouts

Photo by Jobs For Felons Hub via Flickr (@JobsForFelonsHub) 

North Carolina taxpayers are paying three former inmates at one of the state's most dangerous prisons $62,000 after lawsuits claimed supervisors and the former warden wouldn't clamp down on murderous gangs.

They were among five inmates formerly held at Lanesboro Correctional Institution who sued after being stabbed by gang members who operated openly in a prison wing overseen by Jeffrey Wall. He was fired in 2013 and was specifically left out of the settlements finalized between December and Friday.

Wall's attorney says he's negotiated personal settlements with the inmates. Lawyer Joseph Ledford wouldn't disclose how much Wall is paying.

Conditions inside the prison about 45 miles east of Charlotte were brutal for so long state officials are moving out all the men and converting Lanesboro into a women's prison.