North Carolina mother meets woman who received her son's heart

Two North Carolina mothers who have never met embraced for the first time, now connected by a son’s strong heart. For Cindy McLane, listening to her son’s heart beat brought a lot of tears, laughs, and joy. 

Last year, McLane lost her 19-year-old son Connor in a deadly car crash. Because he was an organ donor, parts of him live on. Terri Terrant received his heart and one of his kidneys, and was given a new chance at life. 

“To know my son is out there and alive, it overwhelms me,” said Cindy McLane. 

For her Atrium Health hospital bed, Terrant waited for months for a new heart. When she was finally told she would receive a transplant, grief took over. 

“I didn’t think about me. I didn’t call my family,” said Terrant. “I prayed for the family and their lost first.” 
Friday afternoon, that loss was filled with life and with joy for the McLane family, when they met Terrant for the first time. They were brought together by LifeShare Carolinas at the Ballantyne Hotel.  

Connor’s family said he always talked about having six children. “It scared off the girls,” laughed McLane. So when they read a letter from Terrance, who said she is a mother of six, the family knew it was meant to be. 

McLane also admitted she tried to talk her son out of becoming a donor, fearful of rumors she’s heard. At sixteen years old he showed his mom his driver’s license and made that pledge. “He said, ‘look on the back there’s a big heart on it.’ And I said Connor! Take that off right now!” McLane said his decision to give parts of himself to those in need. 

“The best present he ever gave me its priceless to know he is out there living in you,” McLane said to Terrant.