North Carolina non-profit won't give up on getting donations to Puerto Rico

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It's a grueling process of packing box after box of donated items. 

"The community has responded to our call, not only charlotte but we have and donations from South Carolina as well," said Maggie Giraud, founder of the Puerto Rican Cultural Society of Charlotte. 

While you wouldn't believe it by looking at the mountains of boxes in the warehouse, it was emptied out a few days ago after two containers where packed full and shipped to Puerto Rico-- all donated by restore global.

"There was a call for help that so much had been given but there was no way to move it, so we stepped in to be the moving partner," Restore Global Bruce Bodman said.

Restore Global has been helping many non-profit organizations get relief items where they're needed.

"They were quoted many, many large numbers and when we saw that we knew we could do it for a fraction of that," Bodman said.

"Now, we need to send in more containers and as much as we appreciate the small planes and we are grateful for every plane that will help, you are talking about 2-4,000, 14,000 pounds. We sent out over a 100 tons [in the containers]," Giraud said.

Each container, costing them almost $10,000 to pack and ship. Unfortunately, the funds have dried up but they're drive and desire to help hasn't.

"We're not going away but we need help to move it," Bodman said.

Now, they're collecting clothes, toiletries, cleaning supplies and monetary donations to continue their operations because Puerto Rico is nowhere near back to normal and the road to recovery is long.

'They are getting better they are just getting better very slowly," Giraud said.

The PRCSC is also looking for more warehouse space. They continue to get donations in and their current location is running out of room.

You can go to their website to get more information and how to help.