North Carolina Representative shares Facebook post calling President "Islamic son of a b----"

North Carolina Representative Michael Speciale of New Bern shared a post to his Facebook page a little over a week ago calling President Obama an "Islamic son of a b----" along with a few other offensive names. 

The shared post basically says the president is a hypocrite for lecturing Israelis about their borders when he can't control his own. 

The quote is not Speciale's. He commented on his Facebook page underneath the photo, "I find it interesting how many liberals pretend that they are offended by this post, yet they have no problem with Obama destroying the very fabric of this nation. These same folks didn't appear fazed when some of the most vitriolic garbage was being spewed by their fellow liberals at President Bush! It must also be a slow news day at WNCT and the news and observer, since they think this is a story today. Obama will end up as the worst President in history, and it will be a result of his performance, and none of my Facebook posts can be blamed!"

The post received 25 likes and 5 comments, including his own response below.