North Carolina woman charged with smuggling in 6 illegal aliens

(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images) 

A naturalized U.S. citizen who lives in North Carolina has been accused of transporting six illegal aliens within the United States, according to the United States Attorney's Office. 

Carmen Ferrufino Perdomo, 28, allegedly picked up six illegal aliens who where walking into the United States from Canada on Rainville Road in Highgate, Vermont on March 18. 

Border Patrol officers observed the white SUV travel towards the border along Rainville Road and then eventually traveling south. Border Patrol pulled over the SUV which was driven by Perdomo. 

Border Patrol officers identified six undocumented people from Mexico in the SUV. Perdomo had flown to Burlington, Vermont on March 17 and rented the white SUV claiming that it would be returned on March 18 in New York.

The Mexican citizens admitted to Border Patrol that they entered the U.S. that night. 

If convicted, Perdomo faces up to five years of imprisonment and a fine of up to $250,000. The actual sentence would be determined with reference to federal sentencing guidelines.