North Charlotte business owners say they're getting the boot

Local owners who have worked hard to get their businesses off the ground now have just weeks to pack up their stuff and move out of the City North Business on North Tryon St.

“As a business owner, it sucks,” said tattoo shop owner Matt Williams. “It don't really seem that professional, but however, we just gotta keep it moving.”

The business owners in the brick building wish the landlord gave them a little more of a heads up.

“Suddenly just about two weeks ago, the management that recently took over the building told us the building was being demolished, and people had to be out by April 30th,” said Rahisha Lilly, owner of More Money Matters, a tax business.

The current landlord sent tenants this letter explaining plans to redevelop the property. As stated in the letter, the lease only mandates a 30-day notice to vacate. The landlord also offered to help with tenants’ transition. One tenant, though, says she just poured thousands into her space not knowing she was getting the boot.

“We remodeled the store and I was told that everything was tentative,” she said. “[I] continued to remodel and give the store a new look, and nothing at that time was communicated in regards to us having to move two months later.”

The tenants say they found out in November someone else purchased the property, but didn't anticipate changes so soon.

Relocating will be especially difficult for Rahisha Lilly who operates a tax business.

“Because we're in the height of tax season, I haven't had the time to really look at anything,” Lilly said, “because we're busy on a daily basis, so it's probably going to be once the season comes to an end that I'll actually be able to start looking for a new location.”

Some say making sure their clients follow them to their new location will be the most worrisome part of the transition. The landlord plans to have dumpsters on the property for the business owners. The landlord also recommended some realtors to help the tenants find comparable lease options.