North Charlotte neighbors dealing with storm damage worry more trees may come down

FOX 46 is working to get results for Charlotte families whose homes were extremely damaged when massive trees came down during a storm. They’re worried if something isn’t done, the same thing could happen again.

Not much has changed at Countrywoods Mobile Home Park since we visited on Saturday after two trees came crashing down, damaging several homes, one even leaving a woman injured. Neighbors are still dealing with a mess. 

Some say their houses are unlivable and residents say there are other trees in danger of falling.

Helen Ashley Pitts says she's lived at the mobile home park for seven years. She took us around the property, showing what she says are dead or dying trees. Some could even be seen uprooting concrete.

“We’ll be glad to let them come in, show them what's going on around here. We need answers. We also need to feel safe. We pay rent. We're only asking for a little help,” Pitts said. 

FOX 46 asked the City of Charlotte what they could do to help the neighbors with this potentially dangerous issue, but they say they can't do much with it considering that the trees are on private property.

So we went to the landlord. No one picked up, so we left a message, but haven't heard back at this time. 

The calls, however, didn't end there. We eventually got in touch with the Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy. They say they’d like to hear from the people there about their worries and the conditions. From what people there have told us there's a lot they want done in order to feel safe.

“We need to step up like a community, as a family here,” Pitts said. 

Neighbors say they left their homes for safer ground as a precaution when storms rolled through Monday afternoon.