North Charlotte neighbors frustrated after weeks of no trash pickup

Trash continues to pile up in a Charlotte neighborhood.

Residents on McClure Road in the Northlake Landing Subdivision say Carolina Disposal hasn't come to pick up their trash since before Thanksgiving.

FOX 46 Charlotte is working to get results for the community and get the garbage gone.

"It's now been four to five weeks and we haven't had anyone come take the trash," said Resident Lilian Byakutaga.

Trash bags and garbage cans line the streets of McClure Road.

"I'm just tired of it," said Resident Starr Hannon.

Curbs are collecting filth and sidewalks are submerged in trash.

"The trash has been piled up since Thanksgiving," Hannon said.  "We've had no help, no service."

"We didn't get any trash pick up on Christmas," said Resident Norrice Herndon.  "We didn't get any trash pick up for New Years."

Residents are taking the matter into their own hands now, contacting FOX 46 to help get results.

"We work too hard to have to settle for things like this," said Herndon.  "And no one is taking responsibility."

Bags upon bags of garbage are creating an eyesore for the residential area.

"It's degrading," said Herndon.  "It brings the value down of our properties."

"Who wants to pay $190,000 for a home when you have garbage piled up to the ceiling?" said Hannon.

"It doesn't look good to have trash cans and rubbish all over for the last two to three weeks," added Byakutaga.

Not only does it make the neighborhood look like garbage, it's also creating several concerns.

"It's just disgusting," said Hannon.

"The smell and the hygiene-- we are very worried about that," added Byakutaga.

"I have children and it's germs," Hannon said.  "And you have people visiting you and the trash is piled up to the ceiling-- it's just not good."

Mice and other rodents have been making their way over to get a taste of all the trash.

"We're starting to see field mice running around," Hannon said.  "Dogs were digging in the trash."

Neighbors tried calling Carolina Disposal, but now it goes straight to a recording.  The same thing happened when FOX 46 called.

Owner Jay Wallace responded to FOX 46 on Wednesday, saying: "Unfortunately due to mechanical failures and a fire we currently do not have the adequate amount trucks needed to cover all areas. Consequently rural areas have been affected the most with delays. As we wait on mechanics and insurance, we have been preparing surplus trucks to be in service this week."

We also emailed the company as well as the city to try to get something done and get the garbage cleaned up.

Carolina Disposal also provided a statement on Wednesday, saying: 

"As we make progress with delayed services we would first like to say thank you to residents who have experienced service inconveniences. Please be assured we are persevering through to mend and rectify issues so that services will lack in nothing. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Surplus trucks this week (1) tomorrow. Regarding some trucks at repair shops, we have been promised by this week. Insurance is currently unknown due to their processes."

"I want the company to take responsibility for what they haven't done," said Herndon.  "People are paying them-- so they expect a service."