North Charlotte neighbors on the lookout for strange man who reportedly approached women

North Charlotte neighbors are on the lookout for a certain creep approaching women who were just trying to go for a walk. The women say he came too close for comfort.

It’s not confirmed that the same man was involved in the two encounters FOX 46 learned about, but the women who report being approached live just four miles away from each other, and say it was a man with a beard in a grey car who got too close for comfort.

It could be nothing more than a lonely man having a tough time with ladies, but one husband says this creep needs to stay away. 

"Normal people don't stop a woman walking with her 9-year-old in a nice neighborhood and ask them can they work out with them," he said. "Follow them around for two to three minutes. Just very, very creepy." 

Community watch signs greet drivers at the entrance of the north Charlotte neighborhood, and the woman's husband is warning the man that he's not welcome back.

"It really makes me angry," he said. 

Within the last couple days, the two women who live just miles apart from each other were approached by a man with a beard who got out of his car and too close for comfort.

"He said ‘everything is okay, everything is okay,’ I thought maybe he was going to ask for directions," neighbor Carrie said.

Clutching pepper spray, Carrie was walking her dog near Prosperity Church Road when she was approached by the man. 

"He then asked if I had a boyfriend or was married and I said yes and he quickly got back into his car,” she said.

Same thing happened to the man's wife who was on a walk with their daughter. 

"Anything can escalate to a life or death situation and that was my biggest fear.”  

Both Carrie and the other woman’s husband feel it was more than just flirtation, especially after they found out it's happened to others nearby.

"Looking back on it and everyone is like ‘yeah that's really odd,’" Carrie said. 

Now they want neighbors to be on alert and have a message for wandering man 

"Stay away, and I hope I don't find out who you are," the husband said. 

Both neighbors are considering plans to file a police report.