North Charlotte shooting victim, mother speak out

A shooting victim and his mother are speaking out after he was injured in a shooting Monday night near his north Charlotte home.

Jeremy Patterson is still in pain from the bullet that went through his right shoulder.

"All I could think was ow. Get home. Let's get it taken care of because I didn't know how bad it was," Patterson said.

The shooting happened a little before 11 p.m. Monday night on Feldbank Drive.

CMPD says the suspect is 23-year-old Tavaris Thompson. Patterson says they got into an argument that he now realizes wasn't worth it.

"I told him put the gun down and we can fight it out like men," Patterson said.

Patterson says after he was shot he walked into his mother's house. 

"Shock. I was very very upset, I just lost it," Myra Stewart, Patterson's mother said.

Doctors told him the bullet was inches away from hitting a main artery.

His mother has been in the community for years advocating for non-violence. She says she sees a trend that needs to stop.

"Somewhere between that age range from teenagers to 25 It's out of control," Myra said.

Myra believes this experience could be a teaching moment so other young men in the community know to not solve their problems with a gun.

A community activist, Will Adams says the only way to make a difference is to raise awareness and find way to end violence.

Adams says hes working to prevent violence in the north Charlotte community.

He plans on meeting with the suspect and his family to resolve the issue.

The suspect has been released and was charged with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury.