North Charlotte sinkholes fixed following FOX 46 story

A North Charlotte woman is getting results from the City of Charlotte for her yard that was covered with sinkholes following a FOX 46 Charlotte story.

Carolyn Barnett reached out to FOX 46 last Fall after a sinkhole in her front yard became wide enough to swallow a car. She said the City of Charlotte was not fixing the problem (caused by a broken drain pipe) in a timely manner.

"They told us six to eight years," Barnett said. "Then they went to a year and then it got done in six months."

FOX 46 reached out to city officials last Fall. The day after our initial story aired, workers were at Barnett's home to expedite the process.

"I just want to thank FOX 46, thank you so much for coming out for the coverage and thank you for the push of the city," Barnett said. "If you have a sinkhole, if you have something that's going on with the city, do not stop with them. Do not take no for an answer. Push all the way to the top."

The city repaired Barnett's yard, sidewalk, fence and the root cause of the drainage problem. It also put together additional drainage measures in her backyard.

"Everything they took out they totally replaced," she added.

The City of Charlotte declined comment for this follow-up story.