North Tryon Vision Plan to bring "grit" to Uptown

The North Tryon Vision Plan is set to completely reshape Uptown Charlotte.

Its a project that involves more than 20 businesses, developers and organizations coming together to create an atmosphere with more "grit."

"Its an opportunity to create a common vision," Center City Partners Michael Smith said. "The opportunity is to create a different urban form. Great cities create the context for tomorrow's vibrancy and that's what this plan do.

"This can be something that shapes and plans development for three cycles. This could be 10-20 years of inspiration."

Potential renderings were unveiled Thursday night. The project will seek approval come February.

Many have labeled Charlotte as a "clean-cut" city. This plan will look to add more "color" to Uptown.

"I think North Tryon has an opportunity to add that grit that you'd see in a NoDa or Plaza Midwood area," Foundation for the Carolina's Laura Smith said.

Watch the above video for the full renderings.