Northlake Mall giving shoppers incentives to get off online shopping and to the mall

Although the Black Friday deals are over, at the Northlake Mall the holiday deals are just beginning.

"Black Friday doesn’t mean anything anymore. Back in the day you get that one big item but now-a-days you don't get anything. You might as well wait for cyber Monday," Jermine Feaster said.

Officials tell FOX 46 Charlotte they are working to get shoppers off the computer and back into the mall.

"People still like to come to the mall. They like to see what they are purchasing. Even though online shopping does suplement that but we know that people are going to be here and we want to reward them for choosing us," Northlake Mall Marketing Director Sherri Chisolm-Whiteside said.

Giving incentives like their "Oh So Simple" rewards program. Shoppers who sign up this weekend can receive $20 back on their first purchase of $20 or more.

"I earn points and I get money back. I love money back," Cassandra Townsley said.

Shoppers say it's a real motivator to get to the mall.

"At the end of the day you kind of feel like you are getting something for free. You took the time out, after eating and waiting to go to sleep. Go out and shop. You kind of get things for free. Who doesn't like free 99? I do," Amber Roberson said.

"They gave me an incentive to come back and shop here more. I love rewards, I love points. I'm a good girl, I deserve points," Townsley said.

For others, those incentives aren’t enough.

"They say they get you $20 dollars but they’re giving you nothing. $250, yea, but who is spending $250 at the mall? Let’s be realistic. You just shop and you get the best deal you can," Feaster said.

The Northlake mall is in the spirit of giving offering other programs as well.

On December 10th, they will be launching their second annual "Share The Spirit" campaign. Lucky shoppers will receive a $50 gift card for themselves and a $25 gift card that they can share with anyone they choose.

Also, Gift-A-Day Giveaway begins Thursday, November 24, and runs through Saturday, December 24. Shoppers can enter for a chance to win daily holiday prizes valued from $50 to $500, including a Kate Spade handbag, Beats Studio headphones, an Xbox One and many more. Anyone can enter by simply texting “GiftADay” to 60867.

"We want everybody to get into the giving and receiving of Christmas," Chisolm-Whiteside said.