Northlake Mall shoppers stalked and robbed at gunpoint Saturday night

Stalked and robbed at gunpoint -- that's what two brothers say happened to them as they walked out of The Northlake Mall on Saturday night.

"He puts the gun to my brothers back first and my brother he ain't got nothing and then he sees the iPhone. I was holding it in my hand, comes up to me, puts the gun to my back and says you got five seconds to unlock your phone," one of the brothers explained. 

The brothers didn't want their faces shown but told FOX 46 Charlotte they were leaving Dick's Sporting Goods when they noticed two men waiting by the door. They say the two men tried to start a conversation with them.

"At first, we didn't think much about it and then we started getting suspicious because they kept following us around.”

The men eventually pulled a gun on the brothers and robbed them. The brothers making the quick decision not to put up a fight.

"If this is a real gun, I'm not going to risk it but it looked like a BB gun so I was tempted to try and make a move, but it's not worth it if it's a real gun. So, I just unlocked my phone and gave it to them."

Now, they are trying to move on from their scary ordeal and hope CMPD can find surveillance video of the two men who robbed them.

The brothers say they have no plans on heading back to the mall because they feel the mall is plagued with crime but have advice to anyone heading there.

"Watch out for closing time because people get real smart. If you are locked in and have only one exit, just watch out."