Number of flu-like cases on the decline in NC, SC

New flu numbers show there were nine more flu deaths in North Carolina last week, which brings the total this season to 135, but the overall number of total flu-like cases is dropping.

“It’s tough to be a mom with two kids and be sick. You don’t get a day off,” said Corrie Thomas.

She got knocked down by the flu early this season.

“It was awful. The grandparents had to come over and take care of the kids. My mom got sick from me and then my husband had to stay home with the kids for a few days for work,” said Thomas.

The good news is the number of cases of flu-like illnesses in North and South Carolina is on the decline, according to information just released Thursday.

And if you’ve already had the flu, you just might be in luck.

“Once you’ve had the flu, your body’s immune system will be prepared to fight off the flu in the future. It’s not inconceivable that you could get the flu twice in one season, but it’s very unlikely,” said Dr. Stephen Lingo with Atrium Health.

Dr. Lingo says we’ve already hit the peak of flu season, but the season could last until the end of April. Believe it or not, if you get the flu shot now, the doctor says it could help you beyond this flu season.

“It’s ideal to get the flu shot in October, but the flu shot that you get today will still protect you in years to come,” Dr. Lingo said.

And the doctor says sunlight is a good disinfectant.

“I think the warmer temperatures will help us but that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed not to get the flu,” said. Dr. Lingo.

Thomas has a good prescription to avoid the virus.

“We’ll still do what we’re doing, still be outside hopefully the warm weather will kill that virus.”