NWS confirms Friday twister in Gaston, Lincoln, Alexander counties

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The National Weather Service confirmed a "weak" tornado did touch down in Gaston, Lincoln and Alexander Counties on Friday. The precise location recorded was Hiddenite, NC.

No injuries were reported and the tornado in Gaston and Lincoln Counties were recorded as an EF0 on the maximum scale rating. The Alexander County was rated an EF1.

NWS says further details about the damage path, strength of the tornado, winds, and time of occurrence will be made available at a later time. Most of the damage was limited to falling trees and snapped limbs.

NWS confirmed at least an additional four tornadoes in South Carolina.

Neighbors are just beginning to see the damage left behind after severe storms and possible tornadoes swept through the greater-Charlotte area on Friday.

The wind and rain picked up just around 1 p.m., causing trees to topple and leaving neighbors to deal with power outages. Some roads were blocked by the fallen debris, and crews had already begun clearing them just hours after they’d hit the ground.

Across South Carolina, several trees fell, causing widespread damage. 

"It scared me. I thought it was going to blow the windows in there,” Clover resident Don Phillips said. 

He took cover while fast moving storms shook up his home in Clover.

"I was watching TV and all of a sudden the wind stepped up and it started pouring down rain." 

Howling winds were strong enough to take down a tree that knocked over a power pole on Greenleaf Road, leaving neighbors in the dark.

"The lights kept flickering there and a few minute later everything just went off.” 

York Electric technicians say wind damage was the big problem in clover as they cleaned up Friday afternoon.

"When it starts raining like this and the ground gets real wet with a little bit of wind it causes problems," technician Justin Parham told FOX 46.

He says they have to assess each scene.

"What kind of equipment do we need? How many people do we need?" 

Despite the pounding rain, technicians worked fast to put in a new power pole and repair broken cables.

"We wanted to get out of the rain-- wanted to get the power back on so we could go home too."

Patches of storms left as quick as they came.

"It didn't last long,” Phillips said. 

Neighbors say they are just happy no one is hurt 

"It did shake the house there. It scared me." 

Lincoln County was one area that suffered serious damage. You didn't have to go too far to see a mess there.


From trees on cars, to trees on houses, storage buildings and onto power lines these storms brought a punch many can't ignore.

“Saw this tree shaking back and forth, and then it just finally comes down,” Spencer Pendleton said. 

Pendleton was one of a few here that had a tree come down on their car. He tells us his jeep was just about paid off. Despite that, he says he's actually glad the tree came down there

“It couldn't have come down at a better position-- no power lines, no homes,” he said. 

Other areas, though, weren't so lucky. Off Massapoag Road, a tree fell on power lines, causing a big power outage.


In another part of Lincolnton a tree badly damaged a home. For those nearby the storms came and went quick, but packed a wallop.
“Everything got a little dark and a little shaky and it all happened very intensely,” Drinda Hensley said. A tree fell near her job. 

Much of the damage, came while the strong storms and a tornado warning were being issued for the county.

Bo Willis had a tree come down on his storage building, and hit three cars, but he doesn’t believe it was a tornado.

“I didn't see a funnel. All I saw were strong winds coming,” Willis said. 

For those hit, though, cleanup is getting underway, and they're just happy it's not any worse.

“We’ll get this fixed up soon enough, get a new car,” Pendleton said. 


Crews here have been relatively quick about getting some of the mess out of the way here-- some of it quicker than many people expected, at least on the roads.

Personal property, however, is up to the homeowners to deal with.

Neighbors on one north Charlotte road may have a difficult time getting around tonight after a massive tree fell in the middle of the street.

“I head a cracking and then I heard a ‘boom,’” resident Leonard Rankin said. “I said to myself ‘oh my God, something happened. First I thought about my house, but it was down here. I was like three seconds away." 

Rankin says he lives three doors down from where the tree fell. He was surprised it was so close to his home.

Gary Wallace was sitting on his porch watching the storm when he says he heard cracking.

“They were bending. When they were bending I was concerned,” Wallace said of the trees near his neighbor’s home.  He was glad nothing came his way.

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