NWS confirms tornado touchdown Sunday in Lake Wylie

The National Weather Service was in Lake Wylie Tuesday morning and confirmed that an EF-0 tornado was responsible for the extensive storm damage in the Timberlake neighborhood.

NWS officials are still trying to determine how large the tornado was.

Neighbors in the Timberlake community have come together, helping each other gather up the shingles and siding that fell off of each other’s homes during Sunday’s severe weather. 

"Sounded like the house was falling down. Like the roof was going to cave in. Was that kind of noise,” Timberlake resident Cynthia Lak said. "All of a sudden I saw my furniture blowing in the air."

Part of Lak 's roof and siding came off. Inside of her home, the walls started separating, jarring loose insulation and throwing dishes onto the floor.

"I felt like Dorothy. I knew it was a tornado when I saw things flying in the air,” Lak said. 

She's been forced to leave her home on Black Walnut Rd. Firefighters said the building isn't safe, so she's packing what she can to stay at a hotel.

"I don't know if it can be fixed. I may have to rebuild. I just don't know," said Lak.